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Back to School Ideas

At our back to school party for the juniors we gave each child a packet of school supplies (such as paper, pencil boxes, glue, other larger items). For pencils, erasers, candy, treats, even certificates for ice cream and kids meals, and other smaller items: I wrapped each in Aluminum foil (tightly), then dipped each in a large bowl of plaster of paris.I spread a plastic table cloth on my deck and laid these items out to dry for about 1-2 hours (depending on the size of the item). After they were dry, I spray painted them silver and gold and let then dry for another hour. Then we hid them on the church lawn and gave each child a bag. We made a seperate area for 6 and under and one for 7-12. Then took the kids outside to hunt for the hidden treasure. They had a blast collecting the treasure and cracking them open to see what was inside. Everyone loved the hunt and it was a perfect ending for our back to school party.

by Vickie Hatton


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