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Walk by Faith, Not by Sight- Lesson/Game Combo

Walk by Faith, Not by Sight – lesson/Game by Derek Bammer

Items needed: Blind Fold, paper plates or small objects such as paper cups, cans, etc.

Play: Pick two to children and have one put the blind fold on the other. Then set up a pretend “mine field” with the paper plates in a 12×12 foot area and make sure there are no clear paths from one side of the “field” to the next so that the blind folded child does not know where they are going.

The object of the game is to have the non-blindfolded child to guide the blindfolded one across the minefield from one end to the other without stepping or touching the mines. If the child does touch a mine, then they have to start over until they completely get through the mine field.

After the game is complete, speak on how it took great faith on blindfolded child’s part to trust and have faith in his partner to get him through the minefield.

Main Idea: It takes great faith and trust in God to get us through the hard times in life even though we cannot always see what lies ahead. (Write the following acronym on a board with the words in a row vertically so you can circle all the initial letters to connect the word “FAITH.”) A good acronym to help the kids understand faith is, “Forsaking All I Trust Him.” This means we know that, yes, there are hard times in life that we must all go through.  Too often, we look for help and direction from everyone but God.  Our acronym tells us to “forsake” or stop putting our faith in money, circumstances, or people to get through the difficult times and instead trust in God for help and direction to bring us through those hard times.

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    Thank you for this! Just what I needed for our kids today! Thank you!!

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