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Set up a board similar to the game Concentration with several pictures or key words from the lesson. Pictures can be those from software, drawn yourself, or coloring pages.

Make two cards for each picture/key word (I usually have 16-20 (8-10 sets)). Number each one on the back. Place them face down on the board with tape or sticky tack. Have a child from each team one at a time, come up to the board and try to match the cards. For review, they have to answer a question, before they make a guess. If the team makes a match, another team member may come up to try again. To also help review the lesson, let them tell you how the pictures relate to the lesson. Whichever team has the most sets at the end of the game wins.

As a variation, write the memory verse on the board behind the cards – like in Concentration. Whoever guesses the memory verse (during their turn), can win a prize. by Donna Pustejovsky

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