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17 Just for Fun Games

by Angela Simmons

STICKY GUY: Place children on two teams and have each team choose a player to be their sticky guy. The team then wraps a roll of duct tape around the sticky guy (sticky side out). Teams have 5 minutes to blow up and stick as many balloons as they can to the tape on their sticky guys. At the end of the five minutes, the leader pops the balloons one at a time with a pin as the teams count to see which team has the most!

BALL/CHIN RELAY: Place balls on the floor and have a relay race to see which team can retrieve all the balls by picking them up with their chins and placing them in a bowl or bucket. First team done wins. This is really fun if you use wet sponges, too!

SCHOOL OF FISH: Each child gets a paper fish hanging by yarn that is safety-pinned to the back of his shirt. Children try to step on the other children’s fish. If a fish comes loose, the child sits down. At the end of a given time, the team with the most fish still intact wins!

BALLOON/PLUNGER RELAY: Divide into two teams and give each child a clean toilet plunger (or each team two plungers). The object of the game is to pass water balloons down the line using only the plungers (upside down). Team that moves the most balloons down their line in a given time wins!

PLAYDOH or SIDEWALK CHALK PICTIONARY: Make up cards that have Bible characters or stories written on them. Children then use playdoh or sidewalk chalk to create or draw the stories while their teams guess which story they are representing!

2 LITER GUARD: Make circles out of masking tape or chalk and give each child a 2liter of soda to place inside their circle. One child is it and tries to take each child’s soda. The children guarding the bottles must keep one foot only inside their circle at all times. If they tag the bottle snatcher, they switch places!

NOWHERE TO HIDE: Play just like Hide & Seek except the person who is it is armed with a spray bottle full of water and gets to spray each child he finds!

HANGER TENNIS: Take a coat hanger and pull the bottom so it makes a diamond shape. Cover it with a knee high stocking. Wrap masking tape around the top rounded part. Roll up paper into balls and use the hanger rackets to hit the balls

BLOOMER BASKETBALL: you make two pairs of very large waisted (hula hoop waist band) pants. You have two teams: a thrower, a catcher (wears the pants), a ball getter (that gets the missed balls and brings them back), For the ball, use the cheap beach balls that are about half as big as a basket ball. The throwers try to throw as many balls into the big pants as they can in 30 seconds from 10 feet away. This would be great fun if the kids threw wet sponges!

PLUNGER FRISBEE: Two teams. Each team has: a thrower, a catcher, a miss getter. The thrower throws the kind of frisbee with a large hole in the middle (or rings from a ring toss game). The catcher holds a small toilet plunger on top of their head with the handle pointing up. The idea is to throw the most frisbees onto the plunger handle in the shortest amount of time.

MUSCLE BEACH:Make teams of four. Have each team choose a boy representative and ask them to put on the sweatshirt. The object is to make a muscle man by blowing up, tying and stuffing as many balloons into the shirt of the guy until he is as muscular as possible. Give them 2 minutes. Determine the winner by a panel of judges. The first guy to break all his balloons by himself is also declared a winner.

MUSICAL CHAIRS(another version): Don’t take out any players- just chairs- until there’s only one chair left with all the kids!

FOOT TO FOOT:Players form a circle, feet touching. It tries to kick a ball out of the circle. The others must stop it with their hands.

BALLOON RACES:Place a drinking straw on a sturdy string by threading the string through the straw; then attach the string to two points (like 2 chairs). Tape a blown up balloon to the straw and let it go. (To tape the balloon to the straw, fold up a piece of masking tape and place it on the side of the blown up balloon, being careful not to let the air out of the balloon until ready.)The air pressure will make the balloon travel up the string. Let teams race their balloons.

A MIGHTY RUSHING WIND:2-4 kids stand back to back in the center of a duck tape circle. They are each given a balloon to blow up and release. They move to where their balloon is and blow it up and release it again. Object is to be the first to get outside the circle.

KEEP IT UP:Have kids stand inside a circle of chairs or cones. (If you use chairs, make sure the seats are facing the outside of the circle to avoid injury.) Make sure the circle is large enough for all the kids to lie down in it at the same time. Begin the game by having children stand inside the circle, then toss a balloon into the air. Kids must work together to keep the balloon in the air, inside the circle. If the balloon goes outside the circle or touches the ground, the kids must all kneel on their knees and play the next round from there. Each time the balloon touches the ground or goes outside the circle, kids must assume a new position. The positions, in order, are: Standing, Kneeling on Knees, Sitting, Lying Down. Our children and youth of all ages enjoy this game, and it teaches teamwork and unity.

HULA HOOP RELAY: Each team joins hands to form a line. Team lines pass the hula hoop over themselves without letting go of hands.

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  1. esther says:

    i have been running kids games and crafts/activities for a couple of decades now and have never heard of anything quite as fun. i am super looking forward to trying this with the program i am running this week. thanx!

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