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Obedience and Respect: Skit

By: Derek Bammer

Note to Teacher: Use as either a live skit with people or with puppets.

Herb: Good morning Skeeter. How is your day going?

Skeeter: It’s not the best day I have had…

Herb: Why is that?

Skeeter: My teacher on Thursday told me to do some extra home work for disrespecting her in class and I do not really like homework, so I blew her off and she was really mad at me on Friday for not doing the extra work.

Herb: Why did you disrespect her?

Skeeter: She found out that I go to church. She doesn’t really like people who go to church, so I decided that she doesn’t deserve my respect since she is not a Christian.

Herb: Oh. I see how her not liking Christians can be a problem but did you know that God wants us to respect and obey anyone who is in authority over us, even if they are not Christians?

Skeeter: NO WAY! Anyone?

Herb: Yes. God shows us in Romans 13:1-4 that God is the giver of ALL authority and that we should obey and show respect to them as if we are obeying God. So when anyone like your parents, teachers, and other leaders over you tell you to do something, you should obey and respect their wishes, unless they ask you to do something against the Bible.

Skeeter: Wow, so I guess I should do the extra home work and show respect to my teacher then, even though she is not a Christian, right?

Herb: Yes you should. Who knows? You may be able to lead her to Christ because she sees that you are the most respectful and obedient person in her class.

(Both Herb and Skeeter begin to slowly leave.)

Skeeter: Really? That would be so cool! My dad said, though, that I have to clean my room today after church. I don’t think there is anywhere in the Bible that it says we have to clean our room…

Herb: Skeeter! Come on now…

Focus Scriptures:  Romans 13:1-4    Obey Those in Authority

1 All of you must be willing to obey completely those who rule over you. There are no authorities except the ones God has chosen. Those who now rule have been chosen by God. 2 So when you oppose the authorities, you are opposing those whom God has appointed. Those who do that will be judged. 3 If you do what is right, you won’t need to be afraid of your rulers. But watch out if you do what is wrong! You don’t want to be afraid of those in authority, do you? Then do what is right. The one in authority will praise you. 4 He serves God and will do you good. But if you do wrong, watch out! The ruler doesn’t carry a sword for no reason at all. He serves God. And God is carrying out his anger through him. The ruler punishes anyone who does wrong. (NIRV)

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