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Gone Fishing: Object lesson

By: Derek Bammer

Items Needed: fishing pole, tackle box, fishing hat and vest, Bible

Part 1: Talk about Fun facts about fishing and show how to cast the fishing pole, and ect. Basically get the kids excited about fishing.

Part 2: Speak about how Jesus wants us to be fishers of men and use humor at first to fish the kids in the crowd. (Obviously use no hooks of any kind) Then pull out the Bible and speak about how fishing for men means being a witness unto their friends and family for Jesus. Lead up to offering an alter call for those that want to be fishers of men or be better fishers of men.

Focus Verse: “Come. Follow me,” Jesus said. “I will make you fishers of people.” Matt.4:19 (NIRV)
Jesus said, “Come with me! I will teach you how to bring in people instead of fish.” Matt.4:19 (CEV)


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