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Polaroid Scavenger Hunt (Digital Cameras Allowed)

This is a fun idea for slightly older kids — probably 10 and up or so.

Enlist one parent volunteer for each group of kids … a group must be able to fit into that parent’s car with a seatbelt. So, a 7 seat belt van can have 6 kids and a driver. In advance, let the drivers know what will be on the list. Each car needs a polaroid instant camera. Ask around … LOTs of people have these. You can also get little fun ones at Walmart for about $16 or so.

On the list, have things to take pictures of with the group in the picture. Some ideas?

A member of the group being handcuffed by police (look for a policeman or security guard somewhere)

Building a people pyramid in a McDonalds

As many in the group as possible in a shopping buggy

Beating up a karate instructor (call in advance to a local karate school and let the drivers know the setup but don’t tell the kids)

The group gathered around a street sign with one of their names in it

You can probably think of a lot more. Give the team 1 hour, 1 camera and 1 driver and send them on their way. You might want to order pizza to be ready when they return, or have them drive through a fast food place and bring their food back. It’ll be fun to see who got what food and swap and share Taco Bell, Wendy’s or Burger King.

For a devotional followup — maybe the story of Jesus looking for the lost lamb, or some searching Bible story.

by Ginger Lewis

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