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God Gives Us Challenges

This routine would also work well as a mime clown skit.

Skills you will need:
Be able to juggle three objects.

The concept:
Juggling sheets of paper may prove impossible without first following instructions. Likewise our efforts are fruitless until we follow God’s instructions.

The routine:
Talk about how God may put challenges in our lives. He may tell us to do something that we find totally impossible to do. So we may try and try in vain to tackle the challenge without ever seeking His direction. We may try without ever asking for instruction. We may fail to see how to carry out His plan.

Try to juggle three sheets of paper. You will fail, it’s waaay too hard and you will look silly trying. However, from prayer, studying God’s word, quieting our own selves, putting away our selfish desires and focusing on Him, the Holy Spirit can show us how to accomplish the goal He ­has set for us.

Crumple up the paper into balls, juggle, and thank the Lord for His provision of wisdom.

Copyright ©  1998 Darren Collins

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    This is great i like it I will use it on Sunday.

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