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A Teen Version of Musical Chairs

Our Youth Group enjoys this version of musical chairs because of the way it ends. Sometimes the victor gets a pie in the face, sometimes the two ‘finalists’ get to pick someone from their group who had to sit out, or the last man standing gets a pie in the face, or one of the leaders gets pied or to do the pieing, sometimes there’s a cool prize for the victor or last man standing instead of a pie. We vary the outcome just for unpredictability and mystery. Also, always make sure they know what will happen, someone will get pied, if they don’t wish to participate allow them to sit out un-harrassed perhaps to help with ‘clean up’.


Enough chairs for every participant less 1

upbeat children’s Christian music

1 aluminum pie tin with coolwhip in it (hidden away from view)

A couple of towels and wet washcloths


Play musical chairs until the last person has ‘won’

Only she/he isn’t the victor. The real winner is the person who was left standing.

Give person doing the ‘pieing’ instructions on how to pie someone.

Drape the person being pied with a towel to protect clothing.

Hold pie at an angle in your hand. *GENTLY* smoosh it into your friend’s face and twist, but don’t hurt your friend. And GO!

Immediately begin wiping the ‘victim’ off to minimize stickiness.

by Melissa Murphy


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