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Secret Aunt Idea

This idea is shared by Eunice Cox.  This is done the easiest with a smaller group but could be pulled off with a larger one.

Assign a lady or could be a man to be a secret aunt or uncle. You give them a name of a child with their address and anything that interest them. If their birthday should be in the time period you’re doing this than give their birthday. I asked parents for prayer concerns for the child and included these.

The role of the secret aunt or uncle is to pray each day for the child. Then they need to send the child a card each week. Include notes to encourage them and let them know you pray each day for them. You can include small things such as stickers ect that can fit in a card. They are to sign it their secret aunt or uncle from the ____________church.

I usually run this for 6 weeks. Lots of excitement will build during this time with the kids. They will be trying to guess who their secret aunt is.

At the end of the time have a party where the secret aunt is revealed. We usually pick a theme and play games and have food. I usually play some kind of game where they have to find their match and their match will be their secret aunt. Our last party was an animal theme. I took pictures of animals and cut them in half. One half went to the child and the other to the aunt. The child had to go around to the aunts till they found their match. Also at the party the aunts can bring a small gift to give the child. I usually set a limit of $5 because you usually have someone who will go way over board with a gift and that makes the other aunts and kids feel bad.

Every time I’ve done this it has been a big success. Just be sure you pick aunts who will follow through. When you recruit them stress the importance of doing something each week. Kids will talk about it to each other and if one child isn’t hearing anything it will have a negative impact on them. I would periodically send out an email reminder to the aunts with maybe an idea or something to encourage them. This helped those who might tend to forget.

Over the years I have seen relationships start with a secret aunt that followed through to adulthood.

Eunice Cox




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