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Bible Survival

Bible Survival is a game played each Wednesday night by my 4th grade class. It is a cross between Survivor and a scavenger hunt. The first week, the class is divided into two teams, the green team named Truthseekers and the pink team named Christian Warriors. Each week there are both individual challenges (usually a fun non-biblical game) and a team challenge where each team is given a set of questions to answer regarding the Bible lesson of the night. Each team may use the Bible to locate the answers. Each team is also given 5 tokens. If a team gets stumped, they can cash in a token for a hint (usually the chapter & verse where the answer can be found.) The team with the most correct answers and the most tokens remaining wins for that week. A sticker is then placed on an island map to indicate the winner (i.e. a pink sticker if the pink team wins with the name of the Bible character studied that night such as Elijah.) Each team member has a canister (I use the plastic M&M tubes) that contain the clue about next weeks lesson. This clue and a hint are brought home so the member can attempt to locate the answer. The correct answer will let them know what the next weeks lesson is going to be about. At the beginning of class each week, the team members turn in their answers and every one with the correct answer gets a small inexpensive gift such as a pencil, eraser, superball, etc.) This game can be altered to fit any number of teams and/or team members and can continue for as many weeks/months as you want.

by Connie McBryde

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