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Fishers of Men

I bought a number of long wooden sticks for .28 cents a piece at Wal-Mart, along with some round magnets, sturdy string, large wooden beads, feathers, and felt. I also used my hot glue gun to make the fishing poles and the fish. I cut the strings so that they were about 2 feet long. I tied one end around the end of a pole and hot glued it in place so that it would not slip off. I then put hot glue on the top of the bead (over the hole of the bead). I placed the string across the hole. Using a bobby pin, I pushed the string into the hole but not all the way through. I kept pushing the string into the hole so that it was a pretty snug fit. On the other side of the bead I put hot glue and glued one of the magnets on. Be sure to hold it in place for a couple of seconds before letting it go. Then, I took one of the small brown feathers and glued it onto the top of the bead where I had stuffed the string into. This was just for decoration. It was meant to look like a fly for the fly fishermen. You may want to paint the bead half red and half white to look like a bobber. That’s all there is to making the poles. It took about 2 minutes per pole once I got a system down. Then I got out the felt and the remaining magnets to make the fish. I just drew the outline of the fish onto the felt with permanent marker, and cut them out. After cutting them out I filled in the fish by drawing on the eyes, fins, gills and such. By the mouth of each fish I hot glued on a magnet. The fish are then done. I work in a secular preschool program and we use this is many ways, but it can be used to teach Bible lessons as well. It’s a great hand-eye coordination activity for the children as they take their poles and try to catch fish. When the magnet hanging from the pole comes close to the magnet on the mouth of this fish, the magnets come together and then you can watch as they are so excited to catch a fish and pull it in. If some children have a difficult time then simply wind some of the string up on the end of the pole so that the string.

by Tammy Herman

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