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Teaching on the Trinity Using The Three Unequal Ropes Magic Trick

(Hold all three ropes separate and explain.) The Bible tells us the story of how God was born as a little baby: his name is Jesus Christ. Jesus is God, and He is God’s son. He came to earth to die so that you and I could go to heaven when we die and have a friendship with God the Father right now. Jesus rose from the dead so that the Holy Spirit could come and live in us and help us not to sin. Who is the Holy Spirit? He is God! How can we have God, the Father, God, the Son, and God, the Holy Spirit? They all sound different just like these ropes look different. How are they the same but different. Well these ropes look different, don’t they? But things are not always what they seem. (Make all the ropes the same length.) God is three, but somehow the same. Because Jesus is God, He can save us and makes us right with God, the Father and send the Holy Spirit to live with and in us. by Sandie Montgomery

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