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Why Attend Church Camp?

Our July summer camps are rapidly approaching us. Soon buses, vans, and cars will be pulling on to the Woodworth Assemblies of God Campground filled with children excited about camps.

Why attend Christian youth and children’s camps? The reasons are varied but let me name a few.

1. The spiritual impact upon the kids. At camp the kids are in a total Christian environment that sets the atmosphere to receive from God. No television, video games, or pressure from family or friends. They are secluded in a place that God can speak to them. At camp – the services are for the kids. The altar services belong to them – to receive from God.

2. The Social impact. The kids are around hundreds of other kids of their age group. The interaction with other Christian boys and girls is of great value. The community is totally Christian.

3. Positive memories. One of our goals of camp is to create positive life long memories. We want children and adults to leave camp with great experiences to remember.

4. A bigger picture than their local world. They get to see hundreds of other children and youth who are committed to Jesus Christ. The picture becomes crystal clear that they are not the only ones who are living for God.

5. Friendships are formed. Lifelong friendships begin with other Christians from all over their state.

6. Churches are impacted. Children and youth are vessels for revival. The fire of God upon their lives spread through out a church to bring renewal and revival.

7. Parents get a break! It’s great to send them away and even more wonderful to see them come home.

Enlist your church and prayer groups to pray for every camp and every life to be touched by the Power of God.

Blessings to you!
Hutson L. Goza
Christian Education Director



  1. Lori Eilers says:

    Amen!!! Camp is such an awesome tool. I always tell parents that it is a lifelong investment. I enjoy it as much as the kids, too.

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