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Needle through a balloon

Puncturing an inflated balloon with a pin or needle, without it bursting, will always fascinate children. There are two ways you can achieve this :- 1. Place a small piece if clear sticking tape on the inflated balloon. You can then pierce this without the balloon bursting. 2. Pierce the balloon where the rubber is thickest  i.e. near the hole and at the opposite end. In fact, by using these two locations, you should be able to pass your needle right through the balloon. Hints. Don’t inflate the balloon too much. Use a sharp needle. Smear a little greese on the end of your needle.

 I have used this illustration in two ways. You may be able to think of others.

 1. Miracles. State that normally when you prick a balloon with a needle it will burst – Give an illustration. (If appropriate you could tell the children why it bursts, by talking about air pressure, rapid flow of air to the hole etc.). State that God can overcome or suspend the natural physical laws of the Universe. He can do miracles. Proceed with your demonstration.

 2. Sharing your testimony.  Inflate about four or five balloons, and write on them things which you (or others) once thought would give  lasting satisfaction e.g. Sport, Job, Money, etc. On the last one write Jesus. Keep the balloons (or at least the words) out of sight until required. Produce the balloons one at a time, and talk about how you once thought that Sport etc. would really satisfy you for life, but that in the end you found it wasn’t really what you were searching for. It let you down. Burst the balloon with your pin or needle. Proceed until you are left with the Jesus balloon. Explain that this is what you have always been searching for, and that you have found that He will never let you down. Prick the balloon in the appropriate place to demonstrate!

by Maurice Sweetsur, http://objectlessons.blogspot.com/