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Pick An Envelope

The Minister will show he knew ahead of time which picture would be left after an volunteer has been given free choices on the three pictures.  by Eric Dowden

Preparations: You need three sheets of paper with pictures, words, or something pretaining to the story. (for the sake of understanding I will use a picture of adam. picture of eve, and a pic of a serpent.) If you can’t draw no excuse you can get graphics off the web to print out on paper to use. An envelope with one of the pictures written the name of one of your characters on it. We will use ADAM for our example.

1.You tell the story of adam and eve as you do so introduce the pictures you have all ready made.

2.Now hold up picutures you have of adam, eve, and serpent. You could use an stand of some kind.

3. Your job is to get an volunteer to simply point at two of the pictures. You will either keep the pictures or rip them up. You do not tell them what you are going to do untill they point. You simply say Will you point at two of these pictures please. If they point at one of the pictures and it is the one you know is in the sealed envelope (adam remember) then you want to keep the two pointed at and say The one you did not point at we will rip up and throw away. Then rip up the one.

4. Now you have adam picture left and one more in your hand. Ask them to point agian. If they choose adam then you keep it. If they choose they other then you rip it up. Either way you should have in your hand the one in the envelope.

Now have volunteer open envelope.

5. Now lets say in the beginning they choose the serpent and eve picture. That is great you just rip up the ones that where choosen and you are all ready done! There is only one left the adam graphic.

NOTE: This can be done with anything you want to use just need three different things pictures, coins, marbles, books the sky is the limit.

I would only do it once for that day unless you have an new crowd ever few minutes.

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  1. Mike says:

    Great work, thank you for your efforts.
    It is really good to see the spreading of ‘The Word’ and spreading Gospel Magic.

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