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Crossing Over on Dry Ground

To illustrate the stories of the Red Sea crossing by the children of Israel, use Wow Powder (a congealing agent easily obtained from any gospel illusion supply store).  You will also need two medium sized bowls or pitchers and water.  Add the appropriate amount of powder to one bowl only.

Begin by discussing the story background:  Israel had miraculously been freed from years of Egyptian slavery.  With them were countless animals, elderly people, children, babies and all supplies for beginning a new life.  Behind them was an enormous army.  Before them was an overwhelming sea.

Explain that Moses asked God for help, and He provided a miracle.  The waters parted, and the sea floor became as dry land.  Slowly pour water into the bowl with powder.  Remind children that God always answers our prayers.  Turn bowl upside down (without showing contents):  The water will NOT spill!  Touch your fingers against what was originally water to show that the ground was now dry.

Explain that the Egyptians attempted to benefit from God’s miracle.  They began to follow the Israelites across the dry sea floor.  Pour water slowly into the second bowl.  Point out that God provided a second miracle.  When the Israelites were ALL on the opposite shore, God released the waters, and the pursuers were drowned. Slowly turn the bowl upside down again:  Water WILL splash (Very wet lesson!!).  An alternative would be to allow children to place their hands in both bowls to see the difference.

This lesson may also be adapted to the Jordan River crossing.

Beverly Leith

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