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What’s the Word for Easter? – Remarkable Lesson

This is a REMARKABLE Easter lesson that parodies one of the most popular apps our kids are playing on their iPods, iPads, & smartphones titled “What’s the Word?”.

When producing this lesson, “What’s the Word” was showing an OUTSTANDING 5 Star rating with nearly 580,000 user votes in the iTunes app store!

“What’s the Word for Easter?” provides your kids with four levels of gameplay centered upon words from the last days of Christ’s life on earth prior to His death and resurrection. Each of the four rounds (19 games total) culminates with a keyword to use as a discussion point with your group.

The four points highlight:

  • We cannot do anything ourselves to get rid of our sins.
  • Jesus’ resurrection removes the sin barrier between us and God.
  • Accepting Jesus’ death on the cross for us frees us from the harm of sin now and forever.
  • Choose God’s plan of salvation now so you can reign with God in His Kingdom for eternity!

If you have never experienced this INCREDIBLY POPULAR game app, here is what you can expect from the “What’s the Word for Easter?” spin-off.

There are four rounds of play, each climaxing with a KEYWORD you use for your teaching/discussion point. Each game consists of 4 pictures, an empty grid showing how many letters are in the word to be solved, a grid of 12 letters to use in solving the secret word, a HELP icon (when clicked reveals one letter), and a PROBLEM SOLVERS icon to solve the secret word.

Each game shows 4 pictures that have one word in common among them. For example, if you see a fish bowl, a cereal bowl, someone bowling, and a pet food bowl, the word is BOWL!

We agree with the description of the game which this lesson parodies. Indeed it is, “Surprisingly simple, amazingly addictive, everyone’s favorite new game!”

“What’s the Word for Easter?” creates an intriguing atmosphere for bringing the story of Easter to life in a fresh and interactive way.

What’s the Word for Easter and Other Downloadable Easter and Palm Sunday Lessons are HERE on the Children’s Ministry Inspiration Vault!

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