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Defeating Giants

I usually use this Object lesson after telling the story of David and Goliath.

Summarise the story by saying David was able to overcome the Giant because he realised that God was on his side. If you are trusting in Jesus, then God is also on your side and will help you defeat any Giants in your life. A Giant is any problem you have which seems too big for you.

Give a list of possible Giants. e.g. Other People – Bullies etc. Bad habits – Lying, stealing, swearing, fighting etc. Fears – The dark, nightmares, dying, flying, spiders, snakes, dogs etc.

Produce two prepared curved shapes as shown below. These can be made of cardboard or paper and cut to any suitable size. It is more effective to use different colours. You will note that the cards are actually the same size, but if one is held above the other. it will appear to be smaller. On the first card, write the word Giant On the second card, write the word “Me on one side and Me + God on the other side.

Hold card 2, showing Me above card 1, showing Giant. State. If you compare yourself with your Giant, the Giant will always appear to be bigger, and you will think that you won’t be able to defeat it. Pull the cards apart, and turn card 2 over to show Me + God State Remember that if you are trusting in Jesus, it is not just you against the Giant, but you plus God against it. Bring the cards back together again, but this time hold card 2 below card 1. State that No matter how big your Giant is, when you compare it to God, you will always find that God is far bigger, and that He is able to help you defeat it – just like David defeated Goliath.


by Maurice Sweetsur, http://objectlessons.blogspot.com/


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