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Jesus Can Forgive You

Items needed:The Ultimate Coin Penetration, coin, glass


Today, I want to show you something very special. This will help us better understand God’s free gift of salvation.  We will let this coin represent Christ. And we will let this glass represent someone’s life.  (Pick someone to come up and assist.) So many times we feel that there is a barrier between us and God. And there is! It is called sin.  This barrier separates us from God, keeping us from being forgiven, keeping us from knowing His love.  Today we will let this piece solid of rubber represent that barrier of sin.  Some of us may feel that this barrier of sin will always separate us from God, but that’s wrong!  When we ask Jesus to forgive us of our sins and give Him all of our lives, He does that right away.  ______, please slowly push on the quarter.  Wow!  Did you see that? The quarter went through what we thought was an impenetrable barrier. That’s how it is when we ask Jesus to come into our lives. He does what seems to be impossible to us.  He enters our lives and forgives us of our sins when we ask for forgiveness and give our lives to Him.

Copyright © 1993 by Rev. Gary R. Linn
Children’s Ministry Today

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