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The Best Love

Plan ahead:For this effect you will need to practice!!! This is a sleight of hand effect. Get an ordinary deck of cards. Find the Ace of hearts and place it on the top of the deck. Place the deck in your left hand with the top of the deck facing your fingers and the bottom of the deck facing your thumb. One of the long sides will be resting in your palm. Place the middle finger of your right hand on the short side facing away from you and your thumb on the short side facing toward you. Pull up on the center of the short sides of the deck with your right hand middle finger and thumb while allowing your left hand middle finger to gently press on the top card (Ace of Hearts). This will keep the Ace of hearts on the top of the deck.


(Choose someone to help you.) Have you chosen which Valentine’s cards you are going to send your friends? We all know that St. Valentine’s Day is a special day when we show others around us that we care about them. Let me ask you a question. Who do you think cares about you more than anyone else? That’s right, God does. God loves you more than anyone else could ever love you. Other people may let us down. You may choose someone to be a very close friend, but then they may let you down. There are men and women who have chosen someone to love and marry, but they were let down when they found out that person didn’t really love them. Being let down like that really hurts. But God will never let you down. He will never hurt you, because He will always love you. I have an ordinary deck of cards here in my hand. (Fan through the deck to show the many different cards.) I am going to start shuffling the deck. When I ask you, I want you to choose a place for me to stop shuffling. We will then take the card from the top of the deck to see what you have chosen. Are you ready? Okay, select a place for me to stop shuffling. (Be very obvious that you are taking the top card, so that the children cannot say that you took the card from somewhere else.) You have chosen the Ace of hearts. Since the hearts represent love, then you have chosen the biggest and best card filled with the most love. You made the best choice possible. That is exactly what will happen when you choose to love God. You will find that He is the best person for you to share your love with, because He will always love you.

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