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Sin In Your Heart (Paper Trick)

This trick takes some [a little] set up work before it can be presented. Before the performance, unfold the paper completely, then draw a large red heart shape.  Print the word “CHRIST” vertically along the center crease.  Leave some space between each letter as you print:  COCAINE, FILTHINESS, GREED, CRIME, RISQUE, HATRED.  [see diagram below] You are ready for the presentation.



Fold a sheet of paper into the “House Shape” as explained earlier in the “Travel to Heaven” trick.  [see diagram below]



Explain that we can choose to fill our hearts with good things or evil things of this world.  Read and explain each of the words printed within the heart.  Fold the paper back to the house shape, and then fold it in half vertically.  Cut along the dotted line and discard the extra paper.  [see diagram below]



Open the paper to show the word, “CHRIST” printed on the cross shape.  Explain that the best choice is Jesus Christ; He died on the cross so that we can be saved.


Copyright  © 1991  Ralph Dewey

This sample lesson from the book “Dewey’s Gospel Paper Tricks” is posted with permission. 


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