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Who is the True Christian?

This is set up like a game show.  In this case, the game show was called, “WHO IS IT?  And on this episode, we were trying to find out who is the real Christian.  You will need a game show host.  I actually was the game show host for this lesson.  I had a microphone and purchased a black glitter dress from the salvation army.  I made a tv camera at of cardboard, covered it with black construction paper and placed it on a tripod.  I put the abbreviations of our church with the word “News” (ex: CBC NEWS) on the side of the video camera.  A teen from church pretended to be the camera man and he was wearing a pair of those big headphones.  I used sound effects from gameshows which you can purchase on line when the show was beginning.  I also had a strobe light going to add to the excitement.  The room was dim and all the action was focused on the gameshow.

I had 3 contestants.  In my case, I had 1 adult male, and two teen girls.  The male wore a huge afro wig with a bandana, jeans, t-shirt and had a bling bling that had #1 on it.  This person was all about himself.  He was number one in his life, putting himself and his desires first.  One of the teen girls focused on shopping and pampering herself, worrying about her image and how others saw her etc.  She constantly brushed her hair & applied lipstick, dressed fashionable with a purse, etc., the next was an ordinary girl who dressed normal, etc.  She put God first in her life and cared about others, etc.

The catch here is that nobody could see these contestants until the very end of the show.  It was kind of like the dating game and you had to ask alot of questions in order to find out what the contestants were like and what kind of personalities they had etc.  You didn’t get to see what they were wearing until the very end.

They were hidden behind a few white bed sheets that draped over a rope that was hung like a close line accross the room.  I had the game show name up there made out of posterboard and typed out letting (Who Is It).  I had a spot light set up behind the contestants, so you could only see their shadows.  This was really funny because you can see the afro on the one man moving around and gestures from each of the people.  EX:  You could see that the one girl was brushing her hair and flipping it around.

The questions that were asked were ones like:  How often do you read your bible?  The “all about me” guy, said, “Oh wow, I haven’t seen that thing in so long.  I don’t really need it, I am pretty smart already.  The fashionable girl when asked said, ” Well, I read it when I am not to busy getting my nails done, but I have to read it when nobody is around which isn’t too often.  I have an image to uphold”.  The true Christian girl says, ”  I try to read my bible everyday, it really helps me alot”  You can make a whole list of questions that pertain to how a Christian ought to live, etc. and let the contestants really play out their parts.  In the end the audience guesses who the real Christian is.  They are usually right and all the contestants come out from behind the curtain and reveal themselves.

The children in the audience paid very close attention to this lesson, it really held their interest.  They couldn’t wait to see what the contestants looked like but that got a glimpse of their shadows.  It was really funny and enjoyed by all.  You need really energetic people who will really play their parts and make it fun.  The children will learn that a Christian should spend time in God’s word daily, help others, etc.  They will also learn that not all people who claim to be Christians truly live the way God wants them to live and the importance of having spiritual disciplines in our lives.

Adele Thomas

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