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How To Create Your Own Christmas Musical

Are you still looking for that perfect Christmas musical? Here’s an idea that may simplify things for you. How would you like to create your own musical? Sound too difficult? It isn’t. Select about 8 songs that you would like the children to sing. Be sure to include one that will lend itself well to a salvation message. At least 5 of them should be upbeat in tempo. (You don’t want the audience to fall asleep before the end.)

Now that you have your list of songs, it’s time to weave them all together. Arrange the songs in an order by tempo, such as: upbeat, upbeat, slower, upbeat, slower, upbeat, slower (will be followed by salvation message), and upbeat. It’s usually good to make your theme song either the first or last song.

A couple of easy settings to provide a type of storyline for the musical are either a “Talk Show” or “Music Awards Show.” You’ll need to select a host and a person to be interviewed for each of the songs. You might take the approach of interviewing the authors of the songs, having them explain the purpose and message behind their song, or interviewing the “award-winning musician” and why he/she recorded the song, how it affected their lives. Then have a special presentation of that song. After the song is presented, introduce the next guest. At the end of the salvation-themed song, you may wish to have the host introduce the pastor for some special comments on what the audience just heard. He can give an altar call and pray with the people and then return the program back to the host. The host can then conclude the program with the final song (usually a repeat of main theme or theme song).

For added spice, play some contemporary Christmas music selections as the host enters and during his exit after the finale, having a group of kids off to the side with instruments pretending that they are playing (airband). Also have the host open with a few one-line jokes. Church jokes would be great here. Maybe somewhere in the middle after an upbeat song, the host could do a comedy routine similar to funny headlines, etc. seen on talk shows. For some other comedy ideas, look at the Comedy article in ‘The School’ area of the Children’s Ministry Today website at www.childrensministry.org.

The staging should be easy. If you’re doing a “Talk Show,” have a desk, a desktop microphone, and some comfortable chairs set to the side. Put up a wall behind the desk with a window and some curtains. You could even paint a city scene to be viewed through the window (or use a poster of a city). Be sure to add some plants.

With prayer, patience, and a good number of rehearsals, your custom-made Christmas musical can be a success!

by Gary R. Linn
Children’s Ministry Today

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