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Easy-to-Do Fall Festival

It’s that time of year for putting on a wonderful ‘Fall Festival’ event. But in the back of your mind you remember the huge undertaking it took last year. Here’s a few suggestions that will help you organize an incredible event!

First, consider the advantages of the revised learning center concept which most people today call the rotation model. Why not apply similar principles to your event? It will allow for less worker demands and more fun for everyone!

Second, plan your rotation stations! Here’s a list of possible activities for the kids:

  • Food

  • Game

  • Movie

  • Puppet Show

  • Gospel Magic Show

  • Face Painting

Third, recruit one worker to be in charge of each station. That worker will know exactly what must be done for that station and will communicate the responsibilities to their aides.

Fourth, plan the station activities with each worker.

  • Food – have hot dogs, buns, ketchup, chips, and drink

  • Game – plan a series of carnival style games such as: ring toss, knocking down the bottles, basketball throw, safety darts, Nerf bow contest, Frisbee toss, etc.

  • Movie – find a short 20 minute movie that will be appropriate

  • Puppet Show – have your puppet team, or one from a church nearby perform songs and skits

  • Gospel Magic Show – have a teacher do some Gospel Magic for entertainment and teaching

  • Face Painting – consider offering this as a substation during the meal time

Fifth, ahead of time, know approximately how many children and parents will be attending the event in addition to the previously recruited workers. Then, on the night of the event, divide the children into even groups with adult supervision from the parents attending. The parents will act as escorts/team leaders for that group. They will guide the children from station to station and help with games, serving food, etc., as needed while at that station.

Sixth, consider having each team identified by a mascot or color. This can easily be done by tying a large colored piece of fabric to the top of a stick which will be that team’s flag. It will make it easier for that team to stay together.

Seventh, at the end of the night during the last moments have each team help gather up props and clean the station they are at.

Eighth, have all of the teams meet together for a final event. You may want to give the plan of salvation, hand out candy, and have door prizes during this time. This will motivate people not to leave early so the event will be a better success.

Ninth, be sure to follow up with ‘Thank You’ card to all of your station leaders.

by Gary Linn

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