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Instant Messaging Ministry

Instant Messaging is an incredible opportunity for children’s and youth ministry. Consider starting up a weekly online chat group for your church kids. It is easy, inexpensive, and incredibly effective!

1 – Start with a clever name for your group. For example, let’s say that Crystal Lake Ministries started a group. They may wish to call it ‘CLIC’ – Crystal Lake Instant Chat.

2 – The easiest way to set up a group is through something like Instant Messenger. Create a category for your new group. Collect and add your kid’s IM names into that category. At the time of your chat, sign into your IM program. Right click on your IM name and select to invite yourself to a group. A new group will automatically be created. At this point, you can change the name of the group to the name you have chosen. Then as you see your kids signing online, click and invite them into the group.

3 – This is a clever tool for you to also use as an outreach. For example, you may announce ahead of time that ‘CLIC’ will be meeting Thursday pm at 8:45 to talk about the latest blockbuster movie at the theater. Have them invite their friends to join into the chat.

4 – Other ideas for theming the chats could be…

  • – Getting to know your Children’s Pastor night
  • – Planning for an upcoming event
  • – Sharing their latest online discoveries

The possibilities for your new IM ministry are unlimited!

Remember, be sure to keep parents informed of your new ministry!

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