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Prayer Book

Take individual photos of the children in your class or children’s church. Create a label with each child’s name and birthday on it and attach the label to the front of the child’s photo. Mount the photos in a photo book. I used a small book with individual plastic sleeves designed to hold the pictures. It may take several weeks for you to get a picture of each child in your ministry, but keep at it! Add new photos to your book as you can. You now have your very own prayer book! Daily, page through the pictures and pray over each child by name. Expect God to do wonderful things in your ministry as you pray for the children He has given into your care! by Greg Lichi



  1. Tina says:

    Great Idea! Thanks so much! We could even do smaller black and white versions and pass out to our church family as an effort to keep our kids covered in prayer! Thanks again!

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