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Helping Hand Parties

How They Work:

All you need to do is have a party. Decide on a theme, make invitations, and invite everyone in your class, friends, etc. Then plan and decorate and get ready for one of the most fun parties anyone ever had.

The Summer: It could be a swimming party and a barbecue.  In the fall, it could be a harvest celebration or a Christmas Bash. It’s just like any other party, except for two things….
One – It should be the liveliest, most fun party of the year.
Two – Everybody is supposed to bring something. It’s like bringing presents to a birthday party except you’ve told them what to bring…and the presents aren’t for you! They’re for somebody in your community who really could use a friend and a helping hand.


1. Christmas Bash–Ask everyone to bring an age appropriate Christmas gift to be given to children in the hospital, or donate to a hospital’s activity room.
2. Can Do Party — ask everyone to bring cans of food for the local food bank.
3. Let it Snow Party — Have everyone bring coats and hats and gloves for the homeless shelter. Toys, books and clothes could go to a children’s home

Tricia Creason

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