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Top Ten Ways To Make Your Children’s Ministry A Safe Place

1. Do background checks on all workers. Have all workers go through a screening process of: membership process, background check, interview, fill out application and training with experienced workers in a classroom.

2. Lock all back and side doors after services have started. This will control walk-ins.

3. Have a tag/claim ticket system of picking up children. Place corresponding numbers on tags to page parents out of service.

4. Use only 16 yrs or older workers in nursery and preschool classrooms.

5. Have at least one adult in each classroom. I consider adults 25 or older. Men don’t change diapers. Have at least one woman in each classroom.

6. Have escape routes, emergency lighting, cpr/1st aid certified people in place. Place a basic 1st aid kit in each classroom. Have fire extinguisher in at least each hallway. Secure chemicals and kitchen. Fill out accident reports and have witnesses – inform parents.

7. Sign children in and out. Person who signs them in is only one who can pick them up. Find out custody issues.

8. Have security/ushers monitor hallways during services.

9. Have all workers wear children’s ministry shirts/smocks and nametags. Make rule that only people who have a security tag or nametag are allowed in children’s ministry area.

10. Invest in a paging system, intercom system (for classroom to classroom paging), and a cctv (closed circut television) recording system. These things will pay off in long run.

by Stephen Harrison


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