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Obedience vs. Feelings

SUPPLIES: index cards, pen

Prepare ahead of time. Write each of the following situations on an index card.

1. Your parent asks you to get some of your money out to go to an amusement park. 2. You are tired and your parent asks you to clean your room.
3. Your teacher tells you that your best friend needs help on a school assignment.
4. You just started a computer game when your parent asks you to go to the store for flour.
5. You were about to leave the house to go somewhere with a friend when your parent says that you need to watch your baby sister.

Hand out the cards at random. One at a time, have those with the cards stand and read their cards to the class. Have that person or the class respond as to whether that is easy or not easy to obey. When all the cards have been read and responded to, have the class explain what made the difference between something being easy or not easy to obey.

Express to the class that their feelings are what made the difference in each situation. Some things would be fun; some would not. Yet, something as important as obedience should never be based on feelings. Impress upon the group that they must move past obeying based on feelings or they will not be able to obey during difficult times–and life is full of difficult times. Rather, obedience based on what is right will protect and deliver them from irreparable damage to their lives. Ask one of the students to lead the class in a prayer of commitment to obey based on what is right, rather than obeying based on feelings.

Prayer Points: Commit to obeying based on what is right, not on one’s feelings.

Also available in the Vault is a Bible Story on Abraham called, “Obedience Vs. Feelings.”

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