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Ways To Say ‘Thank You’

These ideas were either submitted by ministry leaders using the CMT site or from our Tips area. Feel free to use the Vault submission if you would like to add an idea of your own!Host an appreciation banquet. One nice thing to do for a banquet is to develop a theme. It may be a slogan, or a topic that’s tied into a decorative theme. For example, ‘Riding High in the Saddle’ would go well with a western theme. (All right, I probably wouldn’t use that one either, but it’s just there as an example.) A tropical theme is very easy to create, and places like Oriental Trading Co. (1-800-875-8480 or www.oriental.com) has oodles of resources that you can order for inexpensive decorations. You could use slogans like, Turning Up The Heat, Catch the Fire, You’re Top Banana, Sunday School Sizzles. I think you can get the idea.

–Design some themed invitations for your teachers.
–Maybe have a special motivational speaker.
–Honor the teacher with most service.
–Welcome the newest members of the staff.
–Have themed background music.
–Have a themed meal if possible.
–Have door prizes.
–Have something to give everyone.
–Write personal letters of thanks (hand written not typed). These can be short.
–Do a presentation of pictures from the classes in progress. (You’ll need to slip into the classes during the month prior to take some photos.) Be sure to have every teacher in a photo.
–Design some game that the teachers can participate in. Maybe do a Mad Gab take off with some teachers’ names or phrases. Ewe Art Degrade Us Teach Her — You Are The Greatest Teacher
–The main idea is for the teachers to have fun and feel GREATLY appreciated.
–Have teens serve them, instead of doing a buffet line.

Pastor Gary R. Linn, Children’s Ministry Today (c) 2002


Your best event recruitment is in event follow-up. This summer when your VBS is over be sure to compile a complete list of everyone who was involved and how they helped, no matter how big or small their task may seem. Create a mailing list for these individuals. Send out personal “Thank You” notes to each one. Be sure to keep a complete copy of the details for yourself. When next year rolls around, you’ll have an instant list for recruiting those workers. A short letter thanking them again for their assistance (be specific) the prior year with a note telling them how much you are looking forward to having their aid this year will go a long way! You can also include a short note asking them to send you the names of any people they know who would like to work with them in the same area.

Pastor Gary R. Linn, Children’s Ministry Today (c) 2002


July and August are wonderful months for encouraging your teachers, leaders, support staff, and all who pitch in to make the Children’s Ministry at your church successful! Take time to hand write a short note for each worker! Personally thank him/her for the impact he/she has had on the lives of the children throughout this past year! Soon, a new school year and for many, a new Sunday School year will begin. Hearing and feeling the deep appreciation you have for them and their ministry will do wonders in renewing their vision and support for the upcoming year! (NOTE: It doesn’t have to be long, but it should be handwritten and personally addressed! Form letters mean diddly-squat!)


This site sells books and CDs for teacher appreciation ideas



Go to www.google.com and type in quotes teacher appreciation ideas. You’ll find numerous results from craft ideas to baking and cards.


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Betty Robertson, Creative Christian Ministries


For thank you’s one Christmas, I printed a copy of the Starfish story on some pretty Christmas paper, relating it to the importance of their ministry to each individual child. Along with the story, I enclosed a starfish Christmas ornament (ordered from Oriental Trading Co.), suggesting they keep the ornament out all year, as a reminder of the importance of reaching just one. [In case you haven’t heard the story, it is of a man watching a young boy picking up starfish that had washed up onto the beach, one at a time, throwing them back into the water. The man commented on it being rather a foolish attempt since there were countless numbers of starfish on the beach. Undaunted, the boy picked up another starfish to throw into the water and said, It matters to this one. You can see a copy of the story at the following website —http://muttcats.com/starfish.htm
Valerie Harvard, Associate Pastor
Chamblee, GA

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