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Recruiting And Support

As a ministry leader or pastor, one challenge you face is finding workers and maintaining support for your ministry area. This article will discuss some tips that will help you project an image of quality ministry, which in return will aid in recruiting workers and maintaining both financial and moral support.You want members of your congregation to thoroughly back your ministry. You want visiting families to desire to become a part of your ministry. So, what do you do?

First, decide what do you want them to think of when they think of your ministry? How do you want your ministry to be remembered? Take some time to define the most essential qualities of your ministry. Think about whom you are appealing to. Now find the common denominators in the two lists.

Second, develop materials that will make a lasting impression. Focus on developing a distinctive image for that ministry. You may want to create a unique identity for the ministry by developing a name and logo. When considering a logo, remember that the quality of the design will directly relate to the impression of the quality of the ministry. If you have access to an artist’s input, be sure to use it. Use it on handouts, announcements, letterhead, and envelopes. Consider t-shirts or hats with the logo for workers, prizes, or special events.

Third, consider developing a promotional display. You may want to set up a promotional display in a hallway or use a bulletin board. Consider creating and including a newsletter, testimonials, photos of action-packed activities, and a question and answer interview.

Fourth, put together a portfolio about the ministry. Use a sharp looking binder with clear page protector inserts. Include photos, articles about the ministry, articles about the teachers, a sample lesson, etc. Put this in a lobby, waiting room, or office where parents can look through it while waiting to meet with various pastors.

Fifth, consider original ways to market the ministry. Newspaper and radio ads are most commonly used for special events. If you’re holding a car wash or fundraiser, have your portfolio available for visitors to peruse. Set up a booth at the county fair and give away items such as helium balloons with your logo, church phone number, and address on them. Get some magnetic signs made featuring the logo and have teachers, parents, etc., who are familiar with the ministry place them on their car for a week.

The basic idea is to project the high quality and virtues of the ministry. Show it off and before long, you’ll have people asking to become a part of this meaningful and life-changing program!

© by Rev. Gary R. Linn
Children’s Ministry Today

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