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Preschool Instant Lesson: Good Samaritan

LESSON 22: The Good Samaritan

Craft: An Owee Story

o White Paper or Story Paper
o Band-aids (1 per child)
o Crayons & Markers

Help the children remember a time when they were hurt. Tell them to draw a picture of that time and let them stick the band-aid on the picture on the place they were hurt (elbow, knee, etc.) At the bottom, have the children tell you what to write about the story. Tell the children that God will always take care of us when we are hurt. Tell them that today’s Bible story is about a man who helped another man who was hurt.

Lesson: Love Each Other

o A Copy of or a Book About the Good Samaritan Story
After telling or reading it, have the children act out the story.

Activity: Compassion Hopscotch
o Masking Tape
o 10 Sheets of Construction Paper, each containing a letter of the word compassion
o A Penny or a Rock

Ahead of time, make a hopscotch board on the floor using the masking tape. Make 10 squares, big enough for the children to jump into with both feet, since most can’t jump on one foot well yet. Show the children how to toss a penny into a square, jump on each square up to the square with the penny, pick up the letter, and jump back. Have the kids hold on to the letters they pick up. At the end, help them put the letters in order. Tell them that their letters spell out a long word~ compassion. Tell them that compassion means feeling bad when someone is in trouble and helping them.

Memory Verse Activity: Where Two or More are Gathered
Have the children stand in a large circle. One child is It. He says the Bible verse for the day with the teacher. He then tags another pupil. The two say the verse together with the teacher. They join hands and tag another pupil. The three of them say the verse. Continue until all of the pupils have been tagged and the entire group is saying the verse.
Memory Verse: Love one another.
Just for Fun: Paper Airplanes

o Paper Airplanes, 1 per child

Let the children play with the airplanes. Let them have races, fly them down the hall, or whatever they want to do.

Angela Simmons


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