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Top Ten Ways To Have An Infectious-Free Environment

1. Have clean toys for each service. We have 4 sets of toys for each classroom for each service. We clean them all during the week.

2. Follow strict diaper changing rules – use gloves, diaper sacks, wax paper, and clean changing table after every child is changed. Keep record of your changing times.

3. Vacuum after each service and have carpets cleaned once a month. Even in the rooms that don’t serve snacks. Babies are always on the floor. What you bring in on your shoes is what they play on. Some churches have teachers wear surgical booties on their feet before entering a nursery classroom. Limit the number of people who come in and out of your classroom by putting up a gate or sign at the doorway.

4. Establish and enforce a wellness policy at your church. Don’t allow sick children or teachers in your classrooms. Have a chart of common diseases/sicknesses with: incubation period, Contagious period, and time child can return.

5. Disinfect all tables, toys, chairs, play equipment before and after each service.

6. Don’t allow stuffed toys in the classrooms. Don’t allow children to bring personal toys from home into class.

7. Don’t just clean – sanatize! You can get sanitizing agents to place in your a/c and heating duct work. This will kill airborn germs and most of them eliminate and neutralize odors in the preschool/children’s area.

8. Have workers and children wash hands after bathroom and play time and before snack time.

9. Don’t administer medication and serve only approved snacks. Have parents label children’s sippy cups and bottles. Be careful for allergies to certain foods and drinks.

10. Label snack drinks with colored dot stickers on cup lid. Write child’s name on lid to eliminate drink-swapping.

Stephen Harrison

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