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Light of the World (Juggling Skit)

Requires a fake rock, a marshmallow and an “Atomic” trick light bulb. The “Atomic” light bulb can be purchased at magic or costume shops.


1) (Show the fake rock first.) I had a friend named Rocky who was into “Rock” concerts. First he got “stoned” on alcohol then later on drugs.

2) (Show the light bulb.) He spent most of his time trying to get “turned on” to drugs.

3) (Show the marshmallow.) Before long his brain turned soft as a marshmallow.

4) (Juggle all three items.) In his condition he couldn’t think clearly. Everything seemed to spin around and around.

5) (Juggle the items up high.) He was high on drugs. The devil had him right where he wanted and started feeding him lies.

6) Rocky swallowed everything that the devil fed him. (As you juggle let the marshmallow fall into your mouth and swallow it. Stop juggling.)

7) The Bible tells us that Jesus is the light of the World. Jesus loves us and wants us each to live a good life, not one filled with perversion, hate, drugs and sin. It may be too late for Rocky. (Toss the fake rock into the audience.) But it’s not too late for you. (Secretly turn on the “Atomic” light bulb.) I hope you see the light and turn on to Jesus.

Copyright © 1990 Ralph Dewey

(Atomic Light Bulb also known as Magic Light Bulb)

This sample lesson from the book “Dewey’s Gospel Juggling Skits” is posted by permission.

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