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Island Adventure – Love/Joy

Day 1
Bud; Here I am sailing the ocean because of a contest. Back where I come from,in Yucksville, Everyone I know is the same. Mean. I thought that was the only kind of people there were. One time I just got this new bike. It was nice. And some kid came up and pushed me off then took it. nobody did anything about it because their all mean. So anyway, I came across this guy, back in Yucksville, that said there were people who were nice. (laughs) Can you believe it? I told him that he was crazy. He said that If I found some nice people then he would give me 100 dollars. So here I am. Why is there water in my boat? Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! I sprung a leak. Help! Help! my boat is leaking. Oh No! Look! An Island.

(two native puppets come out)
Raz; Isn’t this a beautiful day?

Spaz; I’ts so good to be filled with the joy of the Lord! (shouts) Praise the Lord.

Raz; Look Spaz a man in need of our help.

Spaz; Yes Raz, (shouts) Praise the Lord! Lets go help.

(Bud is laying down, unconscious, He wakes up and sees Raz and Spaz)

Bud; Ahhhhhh!!!! What do you want? Get away this is my boat, my stuff.

Spaz; (shouts) Praise the Lord! He’s ok.

Raz; Are you all right? Can we help you in anyway?

Spaz; Yes let us help you. Just like God helps us. (shouts) Praise the Lord!

Bud; Let me get this straight. You two want to help me? Where on earth did I land? Mars?

Raz; I’ve never heard of this mars, but this is the Island of Love and Joy.

Spaz; (shouts) Praise the Lord!

Bud; Why does he keep doing that?

Raz; He is filled with Joy.

Bud; Ok, so then whats wrong with you?

Raz; I am filled with Love for all.

Spaz; (shouts) Praise the Lord!

Bud; (groans) Oh boy. (Bud starts trying to fix his boat, He sees the hole and moans loudly)
Look at this hole in my boat, How am I supposed to fix that?

Raz; Oh we can fix this for you.

Spaz; It would be our pleasure to fix you boat so you can be on your way. (shouts) Praise the Lord!

( Raz and Spaz the start to patch the boat. While they are fixing the boat the are singing)

Bud; Excuse me? (louder,because they are singing) Excuse me?

Raz; Yes my friend?

Bud; Why are you helping me? Back where I come from nobody helps nobody.

Spaz; We are helping you because we love you.(shouts) Praise the Lord!

Bud; Love me? but you don’t even know me. How can you love me?

Raz; Our Love for you and our Joy inside us comes from God. He lives inside us and helps us to love others and be happy in all situations.

Bud; This is what that guy back home meant by ,there being nice people. I’ve never had that kind of love or joy. Are there any other people like you.

Spaz; Yes, God loves everyone and whoever comes to him can have this love and joy.(shouts) Praise the Lord!

Raz; There. your boat is fixed. Where are you headed now?

Bud; Well, I found nice people, so I won the contest but maybe I’ll keep looking for more nice people.

Raz; Stop by anytime.

Spaz; Have a safe trip.(shouts) Praise the Lord!

by Lisa Strauch



  1. Shelly says:

    Very cute skits! Well done!

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