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Puppets Invading A Nursing Home

Just last night our puppet team did an outreach ministry to a nursing home. It was a very rewarding time. We had thirty minutes to perform. The first thing we did was set up the sound equipment and stage. Then we got busy performing.

We began with an introduction. Our director introduced the team members and where we were from. Then we went behind stage to get busy. We started with some jokes. Next we performed an older song One Day At A Time. They really liked it. Then we performed a Valentine’s Day skit, that had a point and some funny parts. We finished up our time with another older song. Then we told the residents Good-bye and Happy Valentine’s Day, with our puppets.

They really enjoyed it.

One thing we found out is that it is a good idea to carry the puppets around and show the residents them after the performance. They really enjoyed that.
Another time we performed in a nursing home we sang Happy Birthday to residents who had a birthday in that month. That time we also did a new form of Leaning On The Everlasting Arms, but we found out that they would prefer the older form. So we suggest that you stick with the older songs.

A final suggestion is to stick around a talk to the residents afterward. They really, really liked that!

Micah M. Smith

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