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Island Adventure – Peace/Patience

Peace / Patience
Day 2
Bud; Here I am day 2 of my journey, and you wouldn’t believe my luck. Yesterday I had a hole in my boat and landed on this Island. I met two really weird dudes. They were actually nice. I mean I couldn’t believe that I found nice people on the first day. I won the contest but I decided that It wouldn’t hurt none to see if there were other nice dudes anywhere. I saw this here Island and decided to check it out. I was doing OK until I realized I was HUNGRY! Hey maybe I could catch a fish? (signs) great just great no fishing pole. Hey I’m pretty fast I bet I could catch it with my bare hands.
(bud try to catch the fish a couple of times)
Here fish! Here fish! fishy, fishy fishy, Come…..Here…. Ahhhhhh!!!!!!
I can’t believe I missed that fish and to top it all off I’m wet. This is terrible. Yuck!

(enters two native puppets singing God is so good)

Jazz; Hey, Pazz I see a man in need.

Pazz; Yes Jazz I see him too. Let us go help.

Bud; (looks up and sees the two natives)
Oh no, Not you two guys again. I thought I left you on that other island?

Jazz; Oh you must have met our cousins.

Pazz; Yes Raz and Spaz.

Bud; So If your not Raz and spaz who are you.

Jazz; I’m Jazz and I’m filled with the peace of God.

Pazz; And I’m Pazz the Lord has given me patience.

Bud; Well whatever. ( continues then to shout at the fish and get mad because he can’t catch any.)
Fish! Fish come here. I’m hungry! Fish!!!!!!

Jazz; Excuse me? May we ask what you are trying to do.

Bud; Well it should be obvious. I’m trying to catch a fish.

Pazz; I don’t think that is the way to catch fish.

Bud; Since you know so much about it maybe you could do better.

Jazz; We would love to help you fish. First we need a pole.

Pazz; Yes, then a hook, and finally bait.

Jazz; But most importantly we pray to God for help.

Bud; What has God to do with fishing?

Jazz; God supplies us with patience.

Pazz; And peace.

Bud; I know I’m going to regret this but what is patience and what is peace?

Jazz; Patience is being able to wait for things to happen. Not getting angry or frustrated when they don’t happen right away. God gives us patience.

Pazz; Peace is what god gives us when we are going through something hard. God gives us peace of heart to get through our bad times.

Bud; Wait a minute, I thought God gave us Love and Joy? At least that’s what those other two natives said.

Jazz; God gives us all of them.

Bud; If that works for you, then so be it. but I don’t see what it has to do with fishing.

Pazz; Hallelujah!!! We caught a fish.

Bud; How did you guys do that?

Jazz; We were patient and we didn’t get frustrated.

Pazz; We asked God to give us patience and peace of heart.

Bud; Well I guess so. I’ll have to do some thinking on that but in the meantime would you like to share the fish?

Jazz & Pazz; We would love to!

by Lisa Strauch


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