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Island Adventure – Kindness/Goodness

Kindness / Goodness
Day 3

Bud; Water! I need water! It’s my third day and I didn’t figure I would run out of water. I’m so thirsty! Oh look there’s another Island. Maybe they will have water.

Bud; Oh! No! I can’t believe it. Where can I hide? (try to hide)

Bazz; ( comes in singing) Kindness we’re full of kindness. la la la la ….

Hazz; (bouncing up and down) Oh goody, goody goody. Another beautiful day.

Bazz; Look Hazz, Up ahead? What is that hiding in the bush?

Hazz; Well Bazz; It looks like a man. Shall we ask to see if he needs any help?

Bazz; Oh yes, I think we should.

Hazz; Oh, goody, goody goody.(bouncing up and down)

Bazz; Excuse me sir? (When Bud doesn’t respond he speaks louder) EXCUSE ME SIR?

Hazz; Maybe he’s deaf, speak louder.

Bazz; Or he could be hurt. I’ll speak louder and you shake him.

Hazz; Ok.

Bazz; EXCUSE ME SIR! (Bazz shouts while Hazz starts shaking bud)

Bud; Will you stop shouting. I’m not deaf, and stop shaking me I’m fine.

Hazz; (bouncing) Oh goody, goody, goody, Your Ok.

Bazz; If you don’t mind me asking why were you behind that bush?

Bud; Well, I uh, I, you see I’ve been travailing in my boat for 3 days and each day I come across, well I meet you. And It gets very confusing.

Bazz; Oh! You met our cousins.

Hazz; (bouncing) Oh goody, goody, goody,

Bud; How many more are there of you ? I met Raz and Spaz, and Jazz, and Pazz.

Bazz; Well let me see, We have three more cousins besides us.

Hazz; Oh I do hope you get to meet them. (bouncing)

Bazz; Yes they are so nice. Let me see there is Gazz, Mazz, and we can’t forget Tazz.

Bud; So who are you?

Bazz; I’m Bazz and I thank God for all the kindness he shows us.

Hazz; Yes and I’m Hazz, I thank God for the Goodness he brings to our lives. (bouncing) Oh goody, goody, goody, goodness.

Bazz; If you don’t mind me asking, Can we help you with anything?

Bud; Well I could use a drink of water. I’m dying of thirst.

Hazz; Oh goody, goody, water.

Bazz; Oh right away, Here you go. (brings up water and gives Bud a drink)

Bud; Why are you doing this? Do you expect me to pay you or what? What do you want?

Bazz; We didn’t do this for money.

Hazz; We did this because you were in need of help and because we love God.

Bud; That is the third time I heard something like that. What does God have to do with giving me water?

Bazz; God is the one who gives us the ability to be kind.

Hazz; And He gives us (bouncing) goody, goody, goody goodness.

Bud; Why does He do that? What’s in it for Him?

Bazz; God loves us. He wants us to be happy.

Hazz; ( bouncing) And having goody, goody, goody, goodness makes me happy.

Bud; I just don’t get you people. But It makes me wonder what I’m missing. I gotta be on my way. Thanks for the water.

Bazz; Bye,.(singing) Kindness we’re full of kindness. la la la

Hazz; (bouncing) Bye, The goody, goody, goody goodness God.

by Lisa Strauch

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