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Island Adventure – Faithfulness

Day 4
Bud; (lets out a big sigh) What a week. First I get a leak in my boat, then I run out of food, then yesterday I ran our of water. I mean It makes you start thinking that I will never get home. I decided that I would head home. No more stops on any Island where I meet someone named jazz, or spaz. It makes you think though. I almost wish I was like them. But God probably doesn’t want me anyway. Hey what’s that in the water. It looks like a really big fish, with a fin, WITH TEETH! It’s a SHARK! Oh great. I’m scared of sharks. I mean did you ever see Jaws? I better find somewhere to land. Look another Island.
Will I get to the Island without getting eaten by that shark. This is about the time I see pazz or bazz. Where are you? Lets get this over with. (starts looking around)

Tazz; (enters sees Bud ) Hi, how are you? I’m Tazz..

Bud; I should have known. Tazz.

Tazz; Is there something strange about my name?

Bud; No, it’s that I have met all your cousins.

Tazz; Oh how wonderful. How is it that you happened to land on my Island?

Bud; I was in my boat minding my own business when all of a sudden I saw a SHARK! I am scared of sharks. So I decided to live here.

Tazz; I would love to have you live here but what about your own home? Where were you headed?

Bud; Yes, I was headed home. But that all changed when I saw that shark. So where is a good place to crash? Who cares if I promised to finish my trip and get home?

Tazz; You know whenever I get scared of something and want to quit, I think of God’s faithfulness to us.

Bud; What does that mean?

Tazz; It means that God is faithful to us, He loves us, helps us, gives us strength, and He always does it. He is faithful.

Bud; Do you mean to say that you wouldn’t be scared to that big ugly shark?

Tazz; No, I would be scared. but…

Bud; There you see you would quit.

Tazz; Yes I would be scared but I would also remember how much God is faithful and how He wants us to be faithful to Him and keep our promises.

Bud; So you think I should keep my promise and return home?

Tazz; Yes.

Bud; But what about the shark? I keep my promise and be faithful and I get eaten. No thank you.

Tazz; No, that’s where you trust God to protect you from the shark.

Bud; You really think God cares enough about me to protect me from the shark?

Tazz; Yes I do.

Bud; Well I guess I believe you. I’ll try. Wish me luck?

Tazz; You don’t need luck you have God.

Bud; Ok here I go. Faithfulness, faithfulness, faithfulness. Oh no here comes that shark. (starts shouting) FAITHFULNESS, FAITHFULNESS, FAITHFULNESS! Ahhhhhh!!! Look it’s not a shark at all, it’s a dolphin. Huh, I guess God really is faithful to us.

by Lisa Strauch

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