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Island Adventure – Gentleness/Self-Control

Gentleness / Self Control
Day 5

Bud; Hi, I am almost home. I was going along in my boat everything was great when I saw this Island. I mean I had to stop. How could I pass up meeting an azz cousin again. They are kinda funny. ( walks along then trips, falls, and starts yelling) Ouch! ahhh!! that hurts. (cries, loudly) Stupid branch. It hurt me. I hate that branch. Stupid, stupid, stupid.(continues to cry)

Mazz; Gazz I did here something look.

Gazz; Oh Mazz, its a man he’s hurt.

Mazz; Sir here let me help you.

Bud; Oh, no, don’t touch it hurts. If you try and help it will only hurt worse.

Gazz; What happened?

Bud; I was walking along and that branch came up and attacked me. It’s a dumb, branch. dumb, dumb, dumb.

Mazz; Here trust me. I will be gentle. (starts to help)

Bud; Hey that feels better. Thanks you are really gentle.

Gazz; You should really try and have some self-control over what you say,

Bud; (says to audience) Ok, here we go again. Who are you?

Mazz; I’m Mazz, and I thank God for teaching me about Gentleness.

Gazz; And I’m Gazz; God has been teaching me self-control.

Bud; Oh no I’m not going through this again. I don’t want to know any more. I’ll just say good-bye. (starts to get up,falls back down) Ouch! well I guess I could stay for awhile. Why don’t you tell me about gentleness and self-control.

Mazz; When you love God and know that He loves you ,you want to do what will please Him. God is our father and even through at times He has us go through scary times He also is gentle with us. And He wants us to be gentle with others.

Bud; How?

Mazz; We can practice gentleness by our actions. By not doing something that we know will hurt others. Don’t hurt others feelings, don’t hit others etc,.

Bud; What about this self-control?

Gazz; Self-control is watching what we say and do. Not saying things that we know God doesn’t like to hear. Even when we are hurt we can practice self control. God is always watching and we want to say things and do things that make Him happy.

Bud; You mean when I was shouting I was not having any self-control.

Mazz; Yes that’s what we mean. How is your foot?

Gazz; Shall we help you try and stand on it?

Bud; Yes, thanks. (Mazz and Gazz go on each side of Bud and help him up)
Hey that feels better.

Mazz; Would you like to come for supper?

Gazz; Come on, we have plenty.

Bud; Thanks I would like that. Maybe you could tell me more about this gentleness and self control.

by Lisa Strauch

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