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Ideas for Special Events (especially in a megachurch setting)

Ideas for Special Events for Children’s Ministry:5th and 6th Grade Lock-In at Children and Youth Facility

Movie nights

Halloween alternative-big party?

Thanksgiving children’s ministry family meal (staff, children, parents, volunteers)

Ice cream socials

Have specified sport nights (one night only soccer, one night only basketball, etc.)

Have a tutorial group for 3 days a week at church

Christmas play (learn the play on one of the vacation weeks, perform it one too)

Christmas events (during the 2-week break children get from school)

Have a family sledding event w/ activities inside (hot choc, movies, etc.)

New Year’s Eve party just for the kids!

Art day-invite a local artist to teach a workshop

Table game day – we provide and offer teaching for new ones, and let bring own

Earth day event – teach about enviroment, prevention, etc.

Family kite day in summer, fall, spring

Friend day-encourage kids to bring a friend/family member to Sunday school and have ice cream, snacks for those participating afterwards

Cookie bake-off –have children, with MUCH supervision, make cookie batter, we cook them and send them w/ cards to hospital/hospice/shelter/Clubhouse

Different cultures day-teach children about the different cultures by having rooms w/ one country and a person from there informing about it (adversity)

Carnival day (circus)- w/ machines, arcades, vendors, animals etc.

Family concert event w/ either real performers (david crowder) or people who can sing like them.

Brandon M. Haskins

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  1. Cathy says:

    I did not see what was so “Mega Church” about these ideas. They are events that can be scaled to any size church.

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