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Robot Offering Contest

Our church is using the 3-2-1 B.I.B.L.E ACADEMY for VBS. Because it is based in space, we chose to create ROBOTS to collect offerings each night. We started with 2 new (or at least very clean!) Shop-Vacs and painted them to resemble R2-D2 from Star Wars. To one robot, we added long eyelashes and a hairbow. To the other we added a baseball cap. Our children named them He-Bot and She-Bot.Each night the robots announce it is time to be fed by rumbling very loudly: They are hungry and only eat money! Boys place their offerings in one aisle, and girls place their offerings in a separate aisle. Strobe lights flash, a space sound effects cd plays, and the robots continue to rumble until all monies are collected.

When the feeding is complete, workers take the robots to an office to let them rest. Money is counted, and prizes are given at the end of the program to the side who raised the most money.

It is definitely not the traditional way to collect an offering, but it is a great hit with both adults and children!!!

by Beverly Leith

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