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Fisher of Kids

Sunny is holding a fishing pole, with a bite sized candy bar for bait. (This works best with a rod-armed puppet.) She could also be wearing a fishing hat, a life jacket, ect.

Sunny: (dangles the candy bar out toward the kids)

Teacher: Hi Sunny!

Sunny: Shhh! You’ll scare the kids.

Teacher: What? I don’t look that bad, do I?

Sunny: I mean you’ll scare them away from the bait.

Teacher: Oh, is that what the candy bar’s for?

Sunny: Yeah. I tried using worms and crickets, but that didn’t catch any kids. Some birds came pretty close, but no kids. In fact, alot of them just ran the other way.

Teacher: Ummm, Sunny?

Sunny: Yes?

Teacher: Would you mind explaining what exactly you’re doing?

Sunny: Well, I’ve been reading in the Bible where Jesus said that He would make His followers fishers of men. So that’s what I’m going to do.

Teacher: I don’t think he meant for you to have a pole and use a candy bar for bait.

Sunny: Maybe you’re right. This hasn’t been working too well. How about a doughnut?

Teacher: No, not with a doughnut either.

Sunny: Well, I tried using a popsicle already, and that didn’t work. It just dripped everywhere and got everything all sticky.

Teacher: I’m not talking about the bait you’re using. I’m talking about all this. (gestures toward the pole and any gear Sunny has)

Sunny: Oh, ok. I have a net too if you think that would work any better.

Teacher: No, I don’t want you going after anyone with a net.

Sunny: What? Then should I just whack them with an oar and drag them in?

Teacher: Sunny, you don’t catch people the same way you would catch a fish.

Sunny: I know. (looks at the candy bar) You don’t think I would go after a trout with a candy bar, do you?

Teacher: Just forget about the candy bar for a second. (takes the fishing pole and sets it to the side) Let’s go back to what Jesus said. After He had just performed a miracle by giving some fishermen a great catch of fish, he called him to be His disciples. He told them that now instead of catching fish, they would be fishers of men.

Sunny: I guess they were a lot better at it than I was, since they had so much practice with the fish.

Teacher: But do you remember anywhere in the Bible where they took their fishing nets and went out after people?

Sunny: Well…..(thinks for a few seconds)….no, I don’t think so. I must have missed that part.

Teacher: No, you didn’t miss it, because that’s not what they did.

Sunny: They didn’t? You mean Jesus told them to do something and those lazy slackers didn’t do it?

Teacher: They weren’t lazy slackers. They did what Jesus told them to do. You catch a fish by bringing it out of the water. You catch people by bringing them to Jesus.

Sunny: You mean when I tell my friends about Jesus, and they ask Him to be their Savior, that’s what Jesus was talking about?

Teacher: You’ve got it.

Sunny: Great! I can do that! I have one more question though.

Teacher: What’s that?

Sunny: Since I don’t need to use the pole anymore, can I have the candy bar?

Teacher: Sure.

Sunny: Thanks!

by Sarah Brown


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