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The Lost Hamster – Puppet Skit

Teacher: Hi Sunny. How are you?

Sunny: Great. I’m doing a lot better than I was yesterday. What a night!

Teacher: Why? What happened last night?

Sunny: One minute I was sitting in the living room watching TV. I went to the kitchen to get some popcorn, and the next thing I knew I was crawling all over the house on my hands and knees.

Teacher: Why did you do that?

Sunny: Because I like popcorn.

Teacher: No, I mean the part about you crawling all over the house.

Sunny: Oh, that. That really started Friday afternoon at school. The teacher said I could take Huey home for the weekend.

Teacher: Who’s Huey?

Sunny: He’s our class hamster.

Teacher: That was nice of her.

Sunny: It really was. After what happened with that fish last year, I didn’t think they would ever let me take a class pet home again.

Teacher: Why? What happened to the…(holds up a hand)…never mind. I don’t want to know. Let’s just hear about the hamster.

Sunny: I took him home, and put his hamster cage up on the table where it would be safe. Then I sat and watched him go around and around on that wheel of his. (moves her head around in circles like she’s watching the wheel) After a few hours this got really boring. (stops moving her head and shakes off the dizziness) Whoa. So took him out to watch TV with me.

Teacher: Hamsters like to watch TV?

Sunny: I put it on a nature show. It was about kangaroo rats, so I thought he would like it. That doesn’t mean I thought he was a rat or anything. It was just the best I could find.

Teacher: I guess this is when you went to get the popcorn.

Sunny: Right. But I told Huey to stay right there on the couch until I got back.

Teacher: He wasn’t there when you got back though, was he?

Sunny: No. By the time I got back he was long gone.

Teacher: So then did you sit down and eat your popcorn and finish watching your show?

Sunny: Are you kidding!? I spent hours crawling around looking for that hamster. This was worse than that whole fish fiasco.

Teacher: Did you find him?

Sunny: I thought I did at first. I looked under the bed and thought I saw him. But it turned out to be a dust ball.

Teacher: You know, you really ought to think about cleaning under there more often.

Sunny: Yeah, you’re probably right. There was this other dust ball that I thought was a rabbit.

Teacher: But what about Huey. Did you ever find him?

Sunny: Yeah, finally. When I did I put him back on his hamster wheel.

Teacher: Did you know that one of Jesus’ parables is a lot like what happened with you and Huey?

Sunny: You mean Jesus told a story about a hamster? Are you sure that was in the Bible?

Teacher: It wasn’t about a hamster though. It was about a sheep. But that sheep got lost the same way Huey did. And just like you couldn’t just sit and watch your TV show while Huey was lost, the Shepherd couldn’t relax until he found his sheep.

Sunny: Sounds like a good story. Why don’t you tell it to the kids while I go check on Huey.

by Sarah Brown

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