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Single Day Youth Camp

Our church was looking for an idea for our church picnic that would make it a special day for everyone involved, kids and adults alike. Someone came up with the idea of having an obstacle course as one of our activities. One thing led to another and the next thing I knew I was busy designing and building a complete camp for the kids to attend that had everything from the obstacle course to a rifle range (cork gun rifles that is). There were 7 different activities and the entire camp was called Camp Salvation. Most of the activities had God designed into them somehow. We ever used the Fully Rely on God frog as our mascot. We they signed in the kids were each given a personalized set of Military ID tags with their name, Rank (they are all Privates and will advance in rank with each camp they attend), the camp name, and other information. We gave each child a camouflage hat and asked it to wear camo clothes to the camp. I may have got a little carried away when I purchased an actual military parachute to use as a canopy for shelter but it’s all for God’s work and it was worth it. It gave the parents a place to get out of the sun and light rain that fell later in the day, and besides it looked really cool!

The obstacle course was laid out in giant letters spelling out GOD. Along this course there was a balance beam, a rope swing, a tunnel to crawl thru, a tire run, a wall climb, and other things just like or similar to what the military uses to train their troops.

At the rifle range the kids took 3 corks from 3 different treasure chests labeled God’s Love, God’s Grace and God’s Mercy. They then took these TREASURES and used them to knock down painted cans labeled as Sin, Hate, Anger, The Devil and etc.

There was a FROG beanbag toss, a rubber FROG shooting area, A Ring Toss Booth, A fishing Booth, and a game I guess we would call Ladders. We also rented a Moon Walk that was used as an earned prize. Each time they completed 5 different activities they earned time in the Moon Walk.

The day started with the Pledge of Allegiances to the US and Christian Flags and Prayer. The kids were then assigned to an adult leader or officer and were given they orders for the day at that time. They followed their officer to each activity and to lunch and stayed together as a unit throughout the day so that we could keep the different age groups together. Scores were kept at each activity and the kids could use their total score to choose different prizes from the prize room.

It was a great time for all involved, even the adults. I look forward to the next one and already have some different activities planned for it. I really look forward to seeing these children as they not only enjoy themselves and have a great time but also learn about God and his many blessing during the course of the camp.

God Bless each of you and good luck with your different groups.

by Jimmy E. Presson

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