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Ticket to Heaven Story

There was a boy named Randy that was sitting in church, and heard a lesson alot like the one we just had. After church he went to his teacher and said that he wanted to be saved. So they prayed together and Randy asked Jesus to come into his heart and forgive Him for his sins. After they prayed, the teacher folded a piece of paper. (While you’re talking, fold the top corner down to the opposite edge of the paper. Do the same with the other top corner, making the paper look like a house. Fold the paper in half vertically, making half a house. Fold horizontally, bringing up the bottom third, and bring the point of the top down, making a rectangle.) She gave it to Randy and said that it was to remind him of this moment, and if he ever had any doubt that he was going to Heaven, he would know he was, because he had his ticket.

The next day at school Randy was so excited that he told everyone that he had been saved, and showed them his ticket. His best friend, Kyle, wanted to go to Heaven too, so he asked Randy if he could have part of his ticket. Randy was happy to share, so he gave a piece to Kyle. (holding the paper with the short edges vertical, vertically cut off one third of the paper) Randy looked at it and saw that it was kind of small, so he asked if he could have a piece that was a little bigger. (holding the paper the same way, vertically cut the paper in half. Randy’s paper is the one that still has the folded down triangle.) The two boys grew up, and both kept their tickets; until one day when they both died. They got to the gate, and Kyle handed the angel his ticket. (Take the pieces from Kyle’s ticket and tape them to the wall or chalkboard. When arranged, the pieces spell ‘Hell’) The paper wasn’t enough to save Kyle. Then Randy handed his ticket to the angel. (Unfold Randy’s paper. It will be in the shape of a cross.) But Randy was saved, by the blood of Christ.

by Sarah Brown

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  1. Glenda Overshown says:

    I gave a comment but I don’t know if it went thru. I love your website. I am a 64 year old black christian woman who is being put out to pasture as far as teaching the youth. I know it’s a mistake because God said in his word that He can still use us in our old age. I want to continue being used until I’m used up.My passion has always been to teach children and I’m really good at telling stories. So, I’m showing my church how valueable seniors are and I happened upon your website and I’m excited to start doing some of the lessons, games, skits stories. God Bless You for your work and sharing so much of it free of cost.
    Sis. Glenda Overshown, Houston, Texas

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