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Public Service Announcement Skit – Teacher Recruiting

PSA – Public Service Announcement

Scene – tour bus.

Players – 7: 1 bus driver, 4 female tourists, 2 male tourists.

Female Tourist1: “STOP the bus!!!”

(Bus driver slams on brakes. ALL tourists lean forward and then backward (to simulate a sudden stop).

Female tourists and male tourist1 point cameras towards a common spot. (this is supposed to be the location of the house of a Sunday School teacher)

Male Tourist2: looks puzzled…”I have never heard of the person who lives in that house”

Female Tourist2: “You’ve never heard of Edward Kimball? HE WAS A SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER. He helped lead Dwight L. Moody to Christ. And Dwight L. Moody himself became a Sunday School teacher and evangelist and there has just been an incredible chain reaction – The Moody Bible Institute in

Chicago….all because of Edward Kimball.”

Male Tourist2: “hmmmmm” excitedly: “I am a SUNDAY SCHOOL teacher TOO!”

Female tourists and Male Tourist1: Ooooohhhhh, Aahhhhh, (Sigh/gasp/drop chin on floor) TURN AND TAKE PICTURES OF MaleTourist2 (maletourist2: SMILE).

(end of skit – leader makes plea for Sunday School teachers)

by – bcsssuper

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