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Videos with Gospel Applications

Several movies/videos have great gospel applications. The children are familiar with them so it is easy for them to relate to the gospel principles being taught. Use only a short, few minutes clip of the movie/video to reinforce the lesson objective. It adds power and visual effects to your presentation. The children will have seen these movies over and over, but probably no one has brought out these principles to them. So after the film clip, you can discuss the movie more at length and discuss what happened next or the consequences.

There is a very good scene toward the end with the prince fighting the dragon. He is given a shield of virtue (we can call it faith) and a sword of truth (the Word of God is truth). The sword quenches the fiery breath of the dragon and the sword is what ends up killing the dragon. Relates to Ephesians 6, pretty good for a fairy tale made into a movie, huh?

How the devil (Scar) lies to us to keep us from our (Simba’s) destiny (to be reigning kings with Jesus in eternity), we could not possibly deserve to be a king with all the things (sins) we have done. There is the scene after the stampede where Scar convinces Simba that his father’s death is his fault. You can reinforce that this is exactly what the devil tries to do with us to keep us from living for Jesus.

Little mermaid
A good video about rebellion and disobedience to our parents.

A classic on the problems that happen when we start to lie (or for that matter – be disobedient or hanging with the wrong crowd). Any scene will do where Pinocchio is doing what he is not supposed to be because the video is loaded with relevant examples.
This is a good one about obedience to our parents. The scene specifically where Bambi and his mother go to the meadow just when spring arrives. The mother tells Bambi to run; he does without question or hesitation and it saves his life.

by Donna Pustejovsky


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