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The Tiny Star

Show a star Christmas ornament or a star tree topper and ask the children if they have any stars decorating their house for Christmas.

Share the story book, The Tiny Star, by Arthur Ginolfi.

After reading it aloud and sharing the pictures, ask, How many of you have ever felt like Starlet? Big grown-ups tell you that you are too small. Each of you are a little bit like Starlet. You may be too small to do somethings now, but as the Old Moon told Starlet, ‘Someday, somewhere…’ You may be a small person in our church, but you are a very important part of the congregation right now. You even get your own lesson during Children’s Moment. You may be a small star right now, but you are a great big part of God’s plan. One way that you can shine bright now is to share the stories you learn at church with your friends or people in your neighborhood, donate food to a can food drive, evern helping wrap presents. There are so many ways to show God’s love. As you leave church today, shine bright showing God’s love.

Let’s pray: Dear God, Thank you for making me part of your plan. Help me to shine brightly showing your love. Amen.

by Amy Loftis

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